Seven Dials consultation

The council is holding a public meeting on 17th December to discuss the results of the consultation on its plans for changing the traffic flow at the Seven Dials.

The main feature of the £500,000-plan is to increase the size of the central roundabout, so that there is only one lane of traffic. Currently, the small central roundabout allows two or more vehicles to take the roundabout side by side.

The council also plans to remove the guard rails that corral pedestrians and to replace the pelican crossings, with zebra crossings. The most controversial feature of one option is to close Vernon Terrace to north bound traffic, which would inevitably divert traffic onto neighbouring routes, such as Windlesham Gardens and Clifton Road.

The meeting is being held on Monday 17th December at St Luke’s Church, Old Shoreham Rd. It starts at 7pm and is due to close at 8.30pm. “If you have an interest in the project I would strongly encourage you to attend,” says Robin Reed the council’s traffic engineer in charge of the scheme.

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