Who Are We?

Fifty years of campaigning

For the past half century the Association has been doing its best to protect our conservation area from harmful developments. In the 1970s plans to build high rise blocks on the site of Heather Court in Montpelier Terrace were successfully opposed and in the 1980s we fought off plans to build a ring road through Vernon Terrace down to the seafront. Since then we successfully defeated plans to rob much of the area of its sea views by putting additional storeys on top of the tallest building in Western Road. In 2011 our six year campaign finally saved the Lainson Building of the much loved former Royal Alexander Children’s’ Hospital from wholesale destruction whilst in more recent years we have spoken out against the felling of the elm tree at the Seven Dials roundabout and additional storeys on existing eyesores such as Crown House and Montpelier House. The Association is represented on the Brighton and Hove City Council Conservation Advisory Group which in turn is represented (in an advisory capacity) on the Council’s Planning Committee.

The MCHA Constitution

The Montpelier and Clifton Hill Association is a registered charity with a membership not only comprising residents of the area but former residents and well-wishers from further afield. In 2012 the area of benefit was extended to to cover those parts of the conservation area, notably Wykeham Terrace and St Nicholas’s church and churchyard, that lie to the east of Dyke Road. When the MCHA was established the conservation area itself had not been designated and the MCHA founders had decided on slightly different boundaries.