The Committee

How we work

The Association is registered with the Charity Commission as a charity (No. 267889) and is governed by a committee of up to ten trustees. The current trustees were elected at the AGM 2015 held in the church of St Michael and All Angels Brighton in May.

The Committee which includes up to five co-opted members meets every six weeks. If there is any issue that you think the Committee should consider please get in touch.

A newsletter is printed and distributed to members three times a year in March, July and November.

The 2015 Annual General Meeting

On the 28th May the following trustees were elected:

  • Jim Gowans (Chairman)
  • Corinne Attwood (Hon Secretary)
  • Chris Jackson (Hon Treasurer)
  • Tony Davenport (Hon Membership Secretary)
  • Michael Fisher (Committee Member)
  • Graham Towers (Committee Member).

At the first meeting of the Committee on June 25th it is intended to appoint Jack Tyson as a trustee and to co-opt Brian Morris, Carol Dyhouse, Ninka Willcock who have all expressed a willingness to serve once again.

Members of the Association who were unable to attend the AGM receive their copy of the Annual Report with the July issue of the Newsletter. Our annual report and accounts can also be found here: Annual Report 2014-15.

The 2014 Annual General Meeting

The 2014 annual general meeting was held on Thursday 29th May. Chairman Jim Gowans was re-elected unopposed, as were the other officers of the association. There is a full list of the current committee members here. Two places on the committee are vacant. There are also four co-opted committee members: Brian Morris, Carol Dyhouse, Jane Osler and Ninka Willcock

The meeting approved also the annual report and accounts for 2013-14.

Members who were unable to attend the annual general meeting will have received their copy of the annual report with the July issue of our newsletter, which was distributed to members in the middle of July. Our annual report and accounts can also be found here: Annual Report 2013-14.


The 2013 Annual General Meeting

THE 2013 AGM of the MCHA was held on 30th May at the Brighton and Hove High School. About 35 people attended the meeting, which unanimously approved the Annual Report and Accounts for 2012-13.

All the Executive Committee members who were standing for re-election were also elected unopposed. Alan Legg resigned as membership secretary earlier in the year because of ill health. Ian Thorburn also did not stand for re-election. Votes of thanks to Alan and Ian for all their efforts were unanimously approved by the meeting. The new membership secretary is Tony Davenport. Susan Brushneen, Carol Dyhouse, Brian Morris, Jane Osler and Ninka Willcock have since been made co-opted members.

The 2012 Annual General Meeting

THE MCHA has expanded its area to include the medieval church of St Nicholas and its churchyard after members at the Annual General Meeting voted unanimously to adopt a new constitution.

The MCHA’s 41st Annual General Meeting was held on a blustery night at St Michael’s to the accompaniment of rattling stained glass windows. Members voted unanimously to approve the new constitution, by 30 votes to nil. There were no abstentions.

The new constitution is based on the Charity Commission’s model constitution for charities of our size and it replaces the old constitution, which dates from the days before there was even a conservation area.

The most important change is in the definition of the MCHA’s area. Under the old constitution our eastern boundary was Dyke Road. Now we include those parts of the conservation area that lie to the east of Dyke Road, notably the church-yard and part of Church Street as well as Wykeham Terrace.

There is also a significant change in the wording of our objectives. Under the old constitution we were only concerned with planning developments in our area–although in practice we frequently stretched a point. The new constitution makes it plain that the MCHA is concerned with any proposal that affects our area, and not just those that are physically within the area.

In the elections for the committee all those standing were elected unopposed. The only change on the committee is that Lori Pinkerton-Rolet has had to stand down because of the pressure of work. She is replaced by Michael Fisher, who lives in Wykeham Terrace–houses that are now formally part of our area. He is  secretary of the Wykeham Terrace Residents’ Association and on the Regency Society’s committee.

The 2011 Annual General Meeting

THE executive committee faced an unprecedented challenge at the annual general meeting from a slate of candidates promoted by Roger Amerena, a previous chairman. The contest prompted a high turnout with about 120 people attending the meeting. None of the candidates on the Amerena slate was successful.

The AGM, which was held in St Michael’s, was attended by Dominic Travers, a solicitor and expert in charity constitutions with DMH Stallard, to deal with a number of legal issues that had been raised.

Mr Travers ruled that Patrick Lowe, who was standing as chairman and secretary for the Amerena slate, was not eligible to stand because he lived and worked outside the area. So Jim Gowans was elected as chairman unopposed and Corinne Attwood was also elected unopposed as secretary.

In a secret ballot Mick Hamer, the outgoing chairman, beat Francis Tonks for the position of vice chairman by 45 votes to 31, Chris Jackson beat Martin Foster for treasurer by 46 votes to 30 and Alan Legg kept the job of membership secretary, fending off a challenge from David King by 46 votes to 32.

The remaining five committee places were won by Pauline Messum, Lori Pinkerton-Rolet, Ian Thorburn, Graham Towers and Gabi Tubbs. The committee has subsequently co-opted three additional members: Carol Dyhouse, David King and Jane Osler.

Following the AGM the committee has supplied a list of the 33 members who requested a Special General Meeting to Mr Travers. The SGM, which was held in March, decided to set up a constitutional forum to overhaul the MCHA’s dated constitution, with the aim of producing recommendations for constitutional changes in about six months.