The Committee

How we work

The Association is registered with the Charity Commission as a charity (No. 267889) and is governed by a committee of up to ten trustees. The current trustees were elected at the AGM 2019 held in the church of St Michael and All Angels Brighton in May.

The Committee which includes co-opted members meets approximately every six weeks. If there is any issue that you think the Committee should consider please get in touch.

The 2019 Annual General Meeting

On the 7th June, the following trustees were elected:

  • Jim Gowans (Chairman)
  • Corinne Attwood (Hon Secretary)
  • Jack Tyson

Since then the following have been co-opted.

  • Chris Jackson (Hon Treasurer)
  • Tony Davenport (Hon Membership Secretary)
  • Carol Dyhouse
  • Brian Morris
  • Jane Osler
  • Ninka Willcock