The Alex listed


One of the distinctive cupolas

The Royal Alex is to be added to the city’s local list of notable buildings. The local list helps to protect buildings to a small degree. If someone applies for planning permission then the planning committee will take into account the buildings significance. For some buildings being on the local list can be a first step an English Heritage listing.

The Alex listing stresses the importance of the Lainson Building to the local townscape, because of the countrast between the red brick and the surrounding sea of white render. The MCHA had nominated the building for inclusion on the local list. The listing also emphasises the importance of theĀ  triangular green space in front of the building, which was one of the key points that the planning inspector made after the public inquiry when he rejected Taylor Wimpey’s plans to demolish the building.

The conversion of the old hospital building into flats continues apace and the first homeowners are expected to move in next month (March).

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